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IoT Service Creation simplified.

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The internet of Things (IoT) is going to represent all elements of the physical world.

IoT connctd has built the model driven open and scalable IoT platform to represent the physical world on the internet semantically.

It's the flexible universal operating system for data based services in the world of IoT. It's made to create diverse services for smart home/building, energy/grids, smart city and even internal processes in an industrial environment.


We pave the highway for your digital roadmap.

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It's perfectly made for creators of innovative, digital services & hardware manufacturers.

connctd's IoT platform is also prepaired to be combined with blockchain technologies. Start your flexible, agile data driven product & service development today.



Create your data based IoT service easily and flexible for a seamless interaction between people and devices.

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The key feature of connctd's IoT platform the modular model of the physical world which is universal and simple, flexible and expandable to support technology agnostic any kind of interactions between users and things in different segments.


We enable the reliable interworking of devices, internet services and users.

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You produce fantastic hardware and you want to represent these things on the internet systematically?

You are a creative developer or service provider, e.g. a telco, utility, insurance company, and it's your goal to develop data driven services decoupled from specific hardware?

That's great. connctd supports exactly that.


We support manufacturers, service providers and developers.

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A really good idea can be recognized by the fact that their realization seemed impossible from the outset.

Albert Einstein


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