Become a Part of the Team.


Together with you, we want to simplify products and services. They should be intuitive integrated into everyday life or in business processes. For our partners and customers, we develop the open service creation IoT-platform with a various number of functionalities and features. We support our partners and B2B-customers in prototyping and development of their products and services. Here you will play an important role.

We focus on interoperability, simplicity and we love to support open source initiatives. All this, we do in a pragmatic and agile team.

We have a great experience with remote work and support this. We use the benefits of remote work whenever possible. At the same time, our office in Berlin is a very important place for creating a team spirit and a trustful, appreciative collaboration in the entire connctd team.

Create the IoT world togehter with us and our partners. At the moment, we especially look for ...


IoT-Lab Coordinator

You like to make things happen? You like to start from scratch to set up an innovative open IoT-Lab for Smart Home & Building? It is your passion to create innovations, look with customers eyes and you have a clear view and deeper knowledge on technology?

A wide spread of user stories and use cases, innovative technologies and an open space for interactions with manufacturers, service providers and developers could be your playground including

  • Leading and organizing the lab

  • Developing and establishing co-working formats (ideation & design workshops, IoT-developer classes, hackathons, meetups, etc.)

  • Implementing innovative technologies together with manufacturers and startups represented on connctd‘s IoT platform

  • Co-working with connctd’s IoT developer team

  • Supporting and coworking lab-users from different segments (german & english language skills are indispensable)

  • Representing the lab on conferences etc.

  • Networking & communication on social networks etc.

  • Starting new initiatives for „building-as-a-service“ together with partners (universities and research institutes)


Backend & Project Developer incl. Project Lead

Used technologies, tools and services: Golang, Git, Kubernetes, GCP, Make, Slack


  • Development and testing of backend services

  • Coordination of services and development efforts within the overall architecture

  • Requirements engineering

  • Development of necessary services and tools

  • Integration with customer solutions

  • Project planning

  • Coordination with customers

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Used technologies, tools and services: GCP, Stackdriver, Kubernetes, istio, Helm, Grafana, Prometheus, Git, Zipkin, Slack


  • Ensure the execution environments scale and adapt to current architecture

  • Coordination with system architecture

  • Setup and extend monitoring, reporting and statistics

  • Create supporting tools for executing DevOps related tasks

  • Increase automation


Client / Embedded Developer

Used technologies, tools and services: Rust, C, Make, Noiseprotocol, FreeRTOS, RIOT, Zephyr, POSIX


  • Develop client libraries to connect to our backend for different target platform like Linux and more constrained systems

  • Develop communication protocols optimized for embedded and low power use cases

  • Improve the security of embedded environments

  • Coordinate with backend and architecture

  • Develop protocols, tools and systems for secure and efficient device management

  • Create test and show cases


Frontend Developer

Used technologies, tools and services: Javascript, AngularJS, Polymer, Grunt, yarn, gulp, Git, Make


  • Develop customer facing frontends for different parts of our platform

  • Develop internal frontends to support infrastructure, devops etc. tasks

  • Develop supporting services as necessary

  • Coordinate with backend and architecture


Service Creation Manager & Project Coordinator (Freelancer)

You have a clear view on connected services & IoT and you are familiar with a specific domain, e.g. smart city, energy, smart building, health, security, media, production,  ... this could be a very complementary and valuable starting position for joint activities. Lets talk about your ideas using the connctd IoT platform for fantastic, innovative and scalable projects.