Together with our partners and customers we were involved in various projects with totally different goals und topics. It's wonderful to be part of many different projects from diverse categories in different segments or industries. Some examples from the recent months.


Bürger(meister)-Dashboard (open smart city dashboard)

In cooperation with Prisma Solutions, highQ, Zeitmeilen and supported by EDASCA, we simply demonstrate the advantages of interoperability and openess for smart city technologies.

Usually services are created by technology experts using their own hardware. But these kind of services wouldn’t allow or support interactions between different services.

For innovative use case across technologies and completely separated from specific hardware. connctd’s Bürger(meister)-dashboard allows a brilliant view on different services and supports creation of new services based on existing installation.

All open services could be combined easily using the connctd IoT platform. Contact us and start your open Smart City activities now.


Ambient News

Wordless journalism is the upcoming way of consuming news accompanied with the reduced usage of websites and standard news apps of single news providers. That’s why we think with our project further than tomorrow. News have to be provided to the media consumer in the right situation and on the right (smart home) device, perfectly based on her interests.
Our solution is the radical separation of news, transport and playout. We are developing an artificial intelligent translation of incoming news or information, convert it into different formats like signals, text snippets, pictograms or audio messages and distribute it to specific channels in the Internet of Things like the smart home devices. That’s how we will reach the modern media consumer, in its immediate environment.

Get a first impression by clicking the demo frontend, which is regularly  shown on a fitted screen or tablet in a household connected with specific smart home hardware, e.g. lamps, or even virtual things as traffic information systems or weather stations. Individual and relevant news from dedicated topics are published by SH:Z

Project in cooperation with Datenfreunde GmbH,  sh:z Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag GmbH & Co. KG, Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg supported by google.

Start the service. Credentials: connctd-no-tablet / Yee3phuu

Its optimized for google chrome, the original service is implemented on an Android tablet running with the Fully Kisok app. Using other browsers, resize the window to see the complete screen.

started in october 2017, piloted since May 2018


Building Automation @ Light + Building Exhibition

A short-termed project in cooperation with the KNX association. Building automation will be changed by using cloud technologies and internet protocol. This is an important development and it should be explained via the customers view on it. More information.

We support our the KNX association preparing the future of KNX. KNX-IoT will open up the high quality home automation standard to the world of web services and it will connect to all relevant technologies.

January to March 2018


Energy related services for residential buildings

IoT will support services providers offering a couple of helpful (small) services, e.g. as a separated application or implemented in existing apps.

This is the opportunity for utilities to offer services step by step for houseowners, tenants and property manager. Each use case will be indispensable after using it the first time. The complete service suite will be the best digital contact to different groups of customers.

IoT connctd supports that in different ways. Start the demo use case using standard but changeable smart home technology or even hardware different communication protocols (e.g. LoRA, Sigfox, etc.)

Interesting in an installation for a test or a pilot? Fantastic! Contact us. right now for a propoal.

Lean and agile service development in a co-working mode with Quantum and several Stadtwerke / utilities from Germany - developing and testing of smart use cases for an energy related service suite - started in september 2017, 2nd phase started in may 2018

The demo is optimized for smartphone screens.

credentials: demo / demo

knx logo basic picture Website 2018 640x480.png


KNX the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control and the KNX IoT solution will lower the barrier to access KNX as part of the Internet of Things. connctd supports KNX association in developing the KNX IoT Spec. The aim is to reduce the knowledge required and open the current KNX ecosystem to non-KNX IT specialists through ‘out-of-the-box’ operation, while still allowing advanced configuration and adaption by specialists.

started in September 2017



For a secure and interoperable Internet of Things and for a general understanding of these things and their context, we are engaged in selected national & international consortia and associations.



We joined the ZVEI in 2016 as one of the first startups and we were immediately involved in high priorized topics and much better we were accepted by all established companies because of our knowledge and methods.


We joint Bundesverband Smart City e.V. via a personal membership of connctd CEO Axel who is a member of the board. Main goals are supporting research and regional smart city activities as well as an open discussion about "how do we want to live".


IoT connctd ist Teilnehmer der Wirtschaftsinitiative Smart Living. Als bundesweites Netzwerk hat die Wirtschafts-initiative Smart Living das Ziel, zukunftsweisende Strategien für einen deutschen Smart-Living-Leitmarkt zu entwickeln.

TM Forum is the global industry association that drives digital transformation of the communications industry through collaboration by providing an open, collaborative environment and practical support. That's what we like.


W3C is one of the most relevant organizations for all internet related developments. So, it was totally clear that connctd was aspiring a membership especially to participate in "web of things" working group.


EDASCA SCE ist eine europäische Genossenschaft für Smart City / Smart Region-Anwendungen. Als Einkaufs- und Vertriebsplattform ist sie das Bindeglied zwischen
der IT-Industrie, den regionalen klein- und mittelständischen IT-Unternehmen sowie den Kommunen, Behörden und Verbänden.

We are part of VDE Nord e.V. via a personal membership of connctd CEO Axel Schüßler to support interactions with universities and midsize companies and to implement a regional IoT-Lab.


Bitkom supports Startups with several activities and promotes and encourages participation. This is why we decided to join bitkom in 2017