We support service providers.

We support our partners project-based to develop their products to excellent connected services. 


  • The connctd service creation platform gurantees flexibility and a future proofed architecture.
  • It is the innovative environment for a wide range of use cases with previously unimaginable security features for different identities and use concepts.
  • This allows coolest services in many domains, e.g. smart home/building, smart city, energy management and in all related topics.



Starting with a first project...

Whether you already have a clear view on some problems or customer wishes or if you still need orientation how to start a data drive use case development we would like to support you.

Lets start a project and you will be supported by technology agnostic problem solving or design thinking workshops. Together, we could create new use cases in your preferred domain, e.g. smart home/building, smart city or energy/grid and in all related topics.

Using the connctd service creation platform your business will be supported very systematically.  It's much more than a siloed use case produduction. It is a flexible and efficient service creation based on a horizontal platform.

For that, we develop and run the efficient scalable and open service creation IoT-platform including across differnet technology standards and any connected hardware could be used on a modular principle. In addition, different user and role concepts can be set.

By the way, your service and data can be hosted everywhere! It's up to you. We could do that, but your are completeley free to host your service in cooperation with your preferred IT partner.